Online fundraising for nonprofits

Virtual Wine Tasting

Tenuta Torciano – virtual wine tasting – Fundraising

Online fundraising for nonprofits is made easy by our virtual wine tasting experiences. Now you can raise funds online for your organization while your donors raise a glass!

How virtual wine tasting works for online fundraising for non-profit organizations

Tenuta Torciano winery is a wine shipment based on your budget and fundraising goals! Our virtual tastings can be experiences organized for individuals for each donor or they can be organized for a group event. This is an excellent choice for an online fundraiser for nonprofit organizations!

Choose the wine tasting packages

Together we take care of one or more wine tasting packages for your donors based on budgets and fundraising goals. All wines are world class and super awarded.

Promote to your donors

Notify donors of the fundraising event and encourage them to place orders. Orders can be managed through a personalized landing page on Torcianovirtual.com and / or through your channels.

Raise your funds

For each order you sell, we will reward you with a percentage of the sale (or we will charge you a discounted rate on the wine tasting packages). This typically falls between 10 and 15 percent depending on the wines. Payment is sent to you directly at the end of the event at the end of the month.

The cellars satisfy the expeditions

The Tenuta Torciano winery sends the wine to your donors.

Choose a date

You can choose the date for the fundraising and you or your donors can decide the virtual tasting times. Generally, the tasting will have to be scheduled 10-20 days after the wine shipments to ensure customers have the wine in time for the virtual tasting.

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